Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whole new experience

If you know me :o)... then you will know that I have been journaling for ever. It isn't always easy trying to find the right journal and when you do... those big white pages staring back at you can be a really horrifying experience. I have been decorating pages for a long time and I have enjoyed the artwork from a lot of other peoples journals as well.
I started making my own journals about 8 years ago and just the other day I came  up with an idea, and that was to market and share some of the ideas I have experimented with over the years. Please do not use my work for any publishing or reproducing, without my consent, which I am sure I would give pretty easily, so be nice and ask. I don't bite.
I will be adding a Pay Pal button soon so if you would like to order an Eezy Peezy pack you will be able to do so and I will ship it off ASAP. If you already journal thats great, but sharing ideas is good for all artists.
I will be sharing other artists as well and links to their websites.