Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Rose is a Rose

This page is not typical of an Eezy Peezy Journal page it was a challenge by a fellow journal addict Ansota, you can find her blog here. She specified what was to be used and this is the result so far.
To explain the process:
Step 1 First I used green and red acrylic paint on two pages which I then rubbed together to get the texture. Watered down black acrylic paint was washed over various parts just to dull it a bit.
Step 2 A serviette with roses was randomly placed on the right hand page with nothing particular in mind.
Step 3 Washed over again with watered down black to take any shine off the page and dabbed with carlton paper.
Step 4 Let everything dry and then stand back to see if anything comes to mind and I saw a face on the right side of the page in between the roses.
Step 5 The face was painted and the roses in her hair looked a little off balance so I added another one on top.
Step 6 Go to bed ;o)
Step 7 Stencil was placed over both pages and gently dabbed onto the page, I didn't want it to look flat so it has a slight graduation of colour.
Final step.... wait and see.

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