Friday, September 7, 2012

Journaling Materials


Although I do use a lot more art materials than this in my journals Eezy Peezy is for those of you who may not have as many art materials as I have. Remember, I have been doing art for years so one accumulates tons of different products that can be used in journals in one way or another.
Top left: corner are Tombow pens which are amazing you should try them if you haven't done so already. I have had these for at least 8 years so they don't dry out and they last for ever.
Top right: Several pencil crayons, some are watercolour pencils and some are normal crayons. My favourite are PrismaColor, which aren't available here in South Africa but trust me they are lovely to use and unlike any other.
Bottom Right: Copic pens which I am sure you all know.
Middle: A variety of pens which we can discuss at a later stage. They all do something different so they do need to be explained.
Bottom Photo: Some simple travel watercolours, really cheap and nothing special except they are convenient to pack when you are travelling.
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